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Satanarchy #111 – Jenkem or Buggery?

The choice is yours…
Satanarchy #111 – Jenkem or Buggery?


Satanarchy #110 – Eat Some Fudge and Bounce

HAPPY BIRFDAY ‘MERICA! There’s gangsters in Ferguson, Night Butt Superman’s that HO, and we teach a valuable lesson on Sexting. 9 y/o strangers aren’t an option… you SICK FUCK.

Satanarchy #110 – Eat Some Fudge & BOUNCE

Satanarchy 108 – Trash Bag Full Of Frosted Flakes

Blind dates can sometimes turn out really good. Sometimes however, the profile pic is A LIE!

Satanarchy #108 – Trash Bag Full Of Frosted Fakes

109 Ya sunsa bitches! And you thought it wouldn’t last! BWAHAHAHHAAA! Sean Keeven brought Faraci’s. Finally comes thru.

Satanarchy #107 – Metallica Stroke Cane

As Night-butt & Col. Mustard forgo the show to go on a date w/ each other, Bryan, Barnum & Tim imaging the future of Metallica-branded shwag. You know it’s time to hang-up the ol’ guitar when you sign-off on you’re own version of MONOPOLY! Plus, 5 Homeless Men Who Accomplished Amazing Things. No, wiping you’re own ass isn’t one of them.
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107 is LIVE NOW!

Satanarchy #106 – Don’t Shit On My Walls.

Lockett, as you will soon fine out, is a dir-tray mafaka. Plus, Col. Mustard is a good man who helps people, but negates his good works by the redness of his neck.

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